A website that encourages its users to expose themselves to viewpoints that oppose their own.
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To be directed to views that oppose your own and receive your doses of dissonance: If you lean to the left, please click the icons on the left. If you lean to the right, please click the icons on the right. If you agree with a commentary you receive (this is certainly not a rare event, nor should it be!), please click the other icon. If you do not lean to either side, please click the icons on both sides––in each set of icons, one, or both, should provide your dose. The pieces of media you receive represent only some of a diverse array of views held by those on the other side of the political spectrum. Indeed, the beliefs of other political groups are much less homogeneous than we may tend to think.





If you have video/ article suggestions, or you would like to propose changes to the website, feel free to email doseofdissonance@yahoo.com!